Detroit based community radio station. Broadcasting the soundtrack for the revolution since 2009.

Operation Rebel was created to uplift, to encourage people to consciously think, to consciously act and courageously be. We are the world we have been waiting for. We are the change. We are the leaders. We are peace. We are harmony. We are Operation Rebel.

Activism News, socially conscious views and music. Inclusive of Talk, Reggae, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Blues, Funk, Folk and Classical music.

Tune in as a fellow Rebel in the Operation to spread knowledge.



BMOP 100 Project

We are collecting the stories of 100 Black Men of Detroit. Uplifting tales of promise, potential, strength, perseverance and togetherness that often go unheard from such voices hidden in darkness.

Stories will be shared publicly through Operation Rebel: Community Radio. To sign up to be interviewed for the project, please email us at operationrebel@gmail.com.

Operation Rebel: Community Radio is a program of Know Allegiance Nation, a 501c3 non-profit located in Detroit, MI.

About Us

Operation Rebel is a #communityradio station that focuses on broadcasting positive progressive messages, music and news about Detroit and beyond.

Operation Rebel is in its 12th  year, starting out as a radio show on WESN 88.1, a college radio station of Illinois Wesleyan University in 2009. In 2012, Operation Rebel found a home on Detroit FREQ Radio and broadcasted through that platform until 2015. In 2016, #OperationRebel begun to broadcast independently through the magic of the inter-web.

IMG_20141127_155822945 (2)
The (Former) Humble Studio of Operation Rebel

Operation Rebel will offer a variety of programming including “Detroit Profiles.” Detroit Profiles highlights Neighborhoods in the City of the Detroit. The first episode showcases the Cass Corridor Neighborhood. The show is sponsored by Allied Media Projects (AMP) and can be found here: Detroit Profiles – Cass Coorridor From the Past to the Present.

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/OperationRebel/detroit-profiles-cass-corridor-from-the-past-to-the-present/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]

Operation Rebel’s goal is to one day gain space on the dial. In addition to expanding our roles in the world of broadcast journalism, we are moving toward also embracing print journalism. Our website/blog is being overhauled to be able to offer stories and reviews on local music, art, projects, movements and organizations.  A yearly publication will accompany the online station to advance our community journalism goals for the village building enterprise.

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Rosebud Featured on Black Gold: Stories of Urban Farming, Gardening & Beyond

What up doe Listeners! Today’s episode of Black Gold features a dynamic and engaging woman who is deeply rooted in her community. We had the pleasure of interviewing Rosebud Bear Schneider about how she works to help create sacred and intentional food spaces in Southwest Detroit. Tune in today at 3 pm EST! Operationrebel.radio.net, on Radio …