Riot Jazz

Show Summary: Riot Jazz is a new variety show based on culture, art, music, literature,  expression, and Detroit. It seeks to highlight work (old and new) start conversations, prompt, inspire, and teach. Each week we have a different selection of content, from artist profiles and interviews, to poetry readings,  to writing workshops and local music.


yakuza moon  – Yakuza is a poet, writer, and teaching artist from Detroit, he is a graduate of the Illuminate Literacy Entrepreneurs program, a grand slam champion, and published writer. He started creative writing at a young age and is passionate about the written and spoken word.


*Shows are available after they air on Operation Rebel and stay up for two weeks.

Ep 1 – Infinity – In this episode we interview Illuminate alum Deena Allen, she tells us about her latest book of poetry ‘Infinite’ the inspiration behind it and her writing process. Deena also goes in depth about her personal journey as a youth poet and the task of being a vocal young woman of color. We also read a poem that is a deconstruction of poetry and open a conversation about words and language that is considered “forbidden”