Black Gold: Stories of Urban Farming, Gardening and Beyond

Black Gold: A rich, nutrient dense, dark soil mixture composed of broken down organic matter that fertilizes the soil.

We chose the name Black Gold for our show because we wanted to showcase stories and people that are essential to the organic makeup of the Urban Agriculture community in Detroit. Black Gold gives voice to the unique and revolutionary movement that Urban Farming has become in the city of Detroit.


Nikolette – Nikolette Raquel Barnes began her love affair with growing food in 2008 while volunteering at D-Town Farm. Since then, Nikolette has worked to expose Detroit youth to the Food Justice Movement locally and globally.

Currently, Nikolette works in Early Childhood Garden Development at Keep Growing Detroit  and serves on the Board of Directors for Detroit Black Community Food Security Network. Her most important work is raising her 9 year old indigo child who is ecstatic about cooking! 

Jamii – Community Radio Producer. Self-Taught Audio Engineer. Forager. Teacher. Gardener.

Episodes: *Shows are available after they air on Operation Rebel and stay up for two weeks.

Ep 8Building Community through Cooperative Growing Feat Imani Foster – Listen in as Imani discusses importance of cooperative growing and selling in the city. She also drops a wealth of knowledge about her experience in agriculture as well as the importance of working together as a community.

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Ep 7The Science of Soil Feat Akello Karamoko and Renee Wallace – In honor of Earth Week we are chatting with two brilliant soil enthusiasts who provide education, perspective and tangible tips on why growing our soil is essential to a plentiful harvest.

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Ep 6Growing Food Revolutionaries, Part 3 Feat. Hanifah Adjuman, Na’kyah Adjuman, Shayla Tyler, and Amir Ware – The third installment of our youth series features the dynamic Food Warriors! Mama Hanifah Adjuman. Amir, Na’kyah & Shayla provide a fresh and in-depth take on what it’s like to grow up as an emerging food revolutionary. This episodes concludes our three part youth series!

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Ep 5Growing Food Revolutionaries, Part 2 Feat.  Bianca Danzy and Lauren Brown-Danzy – On the second episode of our youth series we discuss the rewards and challenges of raising as well as growing up as a young farmer in the local Food Justice movement.

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Ep 4Growing Food Revolutionaries, Part 1 Feat. Deena and Tayler – This first episode in our three part series highlights two dynamic young women who share their experiences as youth in Detroit’s urban agriculture movement!

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