Black Gold Archives

Ep 7 – The Science of Soil Feat Akello Karamoko and Renee Wallace – In honor of Earth Week we are chatting with two brilliant soil enthusiasts who provide education, perspective and tangible tips on why growing our soil is essential to a plentiful harvest.

Ep 6 – Growing Food Revolutionaries, Part 3 Feat. Hanifah Adjuman, Na’kyah Adjuman, Shayla Tyler, and Amir Ware – The third installment of our youth series features the dynamic Food Warriors! Mama Hanifah Adjuman. Amir, Na’kyah & Shayla provide a fresh and in-depth take on what it’s like to grow up as an emerging food revolutionary. This episodes concludes our three part youth series!

Ep 5 – Growing Food Revolutionaries, Part 2 Feat.  Bianca Danzy and Lauren Brown-Danzy – On the second episode of our youth series we discuss the rewards and challenges of raising as well as growing up as a young farmer in the local Food Justice movement.

Ep 4 – Growing Food Revolutionaries, Part 1 Feat. Deena and Tayler – This first episode in our three part series highlights two dynamic young women who share their experiences as youth in Detroit’s urban agriculture movement!

Ep 3 – Soil as Medicine Feat. Kwamena Mensah, Lottie Spady and Olivia Vigiletti – Listen and learn as our guests share stories about different methods of mental, spiritual and physical healing through gardening and the importance of connecting to the earth.

Ep 2 – Night Shade Feat. Tee Rushdan -What’s the worst rookie mistake you’ve made in the garden? Mine almost cost me a trip to hospital but I’m alive to tell the tale!

Ep 1 – The Broccoli That Moved – Our very first episode of Black Gold with Nikolette and Jamii involves broccoli, bugs, lots of laughs! Stay tuned if you want to hear these seasoned gardeners make hysterical blunders.